Sole Source Letter Needed

I am with Sabine ISD in Texas. We are wanting to purchase some Arduino Starter Kits for our computer classes. Your company is not on our approved vendor list, so therefore, we need a sole source letter to be able to purchase your product. Please get with us soon as we need to order these as soon as possible. If there is a phone number I can contact you, please let me know.

My email address is and our fax number is 903.984.6108. You can send me a letter to either one of these.

Thank you,
Shelley Yates

The forums aren't a reliable way to contact the store people.

It seems to me with an open source product it would not be possible to have a vendor declare themselves a sole source to avoid the competitive bid process. You can get Arduino-compatible development boards from thousands of sources.

Usually the Sole Source letter is something that you Shelley would send to your purchasing group explaining why the company you are buying from is the sole source able to supply that equipment. At least that's how I am familiar with it working in industry and Gov't purchasing. It could be as simple as Arduino brand is the only one that has the Arduino Starter Booklet (or whatever it's called) that you are familiar with for use with students, or the starter kit is the only kit with the particular mix of components you are looking for with your students.

As I understand it, the “educational” situation is essentially opposite the “industrial” “sole source issues.”
The industrial world is as CrossRoads says: if you’re going to use a part that has a single (perhaps unreliable) manufacturer, someone will want you to justify that decision - they’d rather you used something with a backup.
In the educational market, you need justification for not putting the part out for bids from multiple vendors, to make sure you get a good (and fair) price.
(ok, maybe not opposites. But one is more concerned with availability, and one more with cost.)