solenoid control circuit review

Hi, all, working on my little solenoid project. it is a little sluggish, so I come up with this circuit to give some kick. The solenoid draws about 20W. when “ARDUINOPIN” is LOW, two (1000uF) capacitors are charged through 500Ohm resistor. when “ARDUINOPIN” is ON, P channel mosfet on top is turned on, thus the negative side of these two capacitors are connected to 24V, so the open circuit voltage at the capacitor positive side will be close to 48V (like a simple switched capacitor charge pump). Hopefully the extra kick will help get the solenoid going.
Have not built the circuit yet. would like know how you guys think. will it work? or do I need more capacitance?

What is the operating voltage, inductance and coil resistance of the solenoid?

24V, 30 Ohms, not sure about the inductance

You need to know the inductance to predict the circuit behavior, but if you ignore it, RC = 60 milliseconds for 30 Ohms and 2000 uF.

What is the current limit of the 24V power supply?