solenoid control from pwm

hi i have some questions if you answer me i ll be happy. i have a solenoid im charging capacitor to 400 volt and im kicking it.i want to kick different force .example when i charge up to 400volt i want to use 250 volt for different can i do that.but i dont want to use pot.i ll manage arduino from computer

Do you have a circuit diagram?

The impact is defined by the speed and weight of the moving part. Using PWM could have little influence on the impact. Sometimes a solenoid starts moving when activated, and once it starts moving the PWM does not reduce the speed a lot.

Could you also upload a few photos ?

Also solenoids usually have soft iron magnetic core (rather than laminated steel) so that PWM isn't an efficient way to modify solenoid response (eddy currents lead to the core overheating).

For momentary solenoid action the length of the on-pulse is how to control the strength of action.

=/// i havent circuit diagram..