Solenoid doesn't work

Hello everyone,

i have attached two pictures. I am following this website:

i don’t know why it doesn’t work. Any have one idea? I am using a diode, transistor, and 2.2k resistor.



A couple of things:

1) You don't have a transistor in the image. I assume you took it out for the picture, which is a small problem, as we can't tell how it's hooked up.

2) I trust you know how the breadboard works. The three wires on the middle right are not connected - I suspect that's where the transistor goes. Are you sure you put it in the right way? Check your data sheet to make sure you have the pinouts correct.

Regards, Martin

One more "small" hint might well be to shorten the leads on the components used on a bread-board... Doing so will make it much easier to make secure and "Short-circuit" proof connections. What I do is keep a basic set of components that I only use for breadboarding. Doing so prevents "accidental" loss of sensitive components. It also makes it MUCH easier to see what you really have wired on the breadboard. One More thing... Neatness counts too, as far as making accurate wiring and being able to draw what you really have, in preparation for your "Final PCB"