Solenoid to ring a bell

I would like to make my doorbell a little bit smarter. I already have a doorbell with solenoid which runs on 8-12V and draws up to 2amp. This means that the bell isn't controllable straight from a GPIO as it draws too much current. The problem is that in order to achieve the ringing sound I need the solenoid to go at around 5hz which isn't ideal (as far as I know) for a relay.

I am totally new to this so it might be obvious however any nudge in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

Basically what I want the doorbell to do is

  • silent mode, disable alarm between certain times and
  • use push notifications in normal and silent mode.


Rather than a relay use a logic level n-channel MOSFET such as stp16nf06l. Couldn't be easier. But you must have a protection diode also, or the solenoid's reverse voltage will damage the MOSFET. Just an in4001 will be fine.

You must explain what exactly you mean by "push notification in silent mode". Sounds like something to do with email...

Maybe replace the bell with a more modern, more electronics-friendly sounder? (Liking the sound of the one you have is perfectly reasonable answer!)

If you like the one you have, surely it runs okay with a continuous supply of 10v, and uses some system of contacts connected to the striker arm to make the supply of electricity to the solenoid coils pulsed??

Will something like the Sharp S101S02 work? It may be too weak for you as you said your bell draws 2A. The Sharp is only rated for 1.5A.