Solenoid Valve Air muscle

Hi, I am looking for cheap source of solenoid valve for air muscle. I can find dishwasher,washing machine solenoid valves from ebay but they are 230v ac which I am hesitant to use.I am looking 12v solenoid valve.

Below is the link for making air muscle ,the first entry, pdf file.

This is another website for air muscle.!/

Also I am looking some schematics for solenoid valve they are using relays,transistors and some uln2003 chip.Is it possible I can use external power supply without any relays just like servo motor with a common ground.


these valves look pretty cool

i've been wanting to play with some myself but havent got around too it. looks like they're variable too!

Interesting material. From the spec sheet it does look like it can be made to modulate as well as full on or off. However it also shows the cool down period is longer then pull in period, so these would not work well if quick on/off cycles are required, say for playing music.


Would a residential lawn sprinkler solenoid valve work? I'd post a link, but can't include one in my first post here. Toro and Rain Bird were the manufacturers of the ones I've used. They say they run on 24VAC, but in some old air cannon projects I worked on they'd open just fine with 9VDC. They won't give you much of anything in the way of pressure modulation, but might be easier to work with than something from a dishwasher or what have you. They're usually $10-20 at the hardware store.

Sorry to double post, but here are the aforementioned links:

If your looking for 12V solenoid valves, try automotive type solenoid valves, often used in transmissions, or for line locks on drag cars. Transmission ones are most def PWM-able. Dunno if they are “air” tight tought… you would have to try…

Here are a link…