Solenoid Valve for Non-restricted Air Flow


Does anyone have any recommendation for an air flow solenoid valve that allows for free air flow without restricting the flow through the valve?
I bought an air valve from McMaster (MME-3QDS) and it just has too much flow resistance for my application. I also tried out a water solenoid valve and same problem.
I am using the valve for a project where the valve is used to divert exhaled human breath (i.e. low flow pressure). I am looking for a 3-way or 2-way, air control valve that is normally closed, runs on 12V or less, and has about 1/2" to 1/4" inlets.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

I cannot imagine trying to exhale through a hole that small! Have you actually tried it?

Note the dimensions I mentioned are in inches. 1/2 inch is the dimension of garden hose and 1/4 inch is about a straw size. So should be plenty big enough to breathe through.

Not my garden hoses!
If you can breathe through a soda straw, then you can certainly breathe through a 3/4 solenoid valve.

Just to clarify, the inlet dimension is not the issue. It is the internal valve mechanism and dimension that is restricting air flow.

It sounds like you need a butterfly valve. They are not cheap BUT I think you can make one easily.

PVC pipe (HomeDepot) at whatever size you would like.

Drill a hole through the pipe.

Get a washer slightly larger than the pipe, glue it to a rod going through the drill hole (perhaps from a metal clothes hanger).

Operate it with an RC servo.

Sealing will never be great but with a little fitting I'll guess (hope?) the leakage will be small enough to not effect your readings.

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