Solenoid videos!


I recently posted up some video of Solenoid Vignettes deployed in different ways using Arduino’s and Pure Data, would be cool if you check them out! Give the vid a rating if you so please :slight_smile:

They are pretty installation based, but I finally got 8 woking, so it’s in the teething stages at the moment!
Any question or suggestions are welcome!


There are many solenoid motors that can be found on the Internet and most are intricate mechanical devices built by machinists.

Don't quite now how to take that one, sounds quite belittling which is not what I was looking for unfortunately...

Don't sweat it, look at his other posts, they are a little surreal. Or Bot generated.

Haha, cheers man!

thats sweet i like it :)

Why thank you! :D

Nice, keep at it. And I wouldn't take anything posted here personally; there are quite a few around who're just looking for something not nice to say. But many, many, more who'll unselfishly help with your project :-)