solid flow sensor for beans


For my hobby project I am looking for a solid flow sensor so I can control the amount(mass) of coffee beans to dispense to the milling compartment.

You might also just experiment with opening and closing a gate for a certain time and see how much you get. Also I’ve seen bulk dispensers that have a fixed size compartment that fills up, then you slide or rotate the compartment out and you always get the same amount.

Volume might not be accurate enough for this application, if you want repeatable results. What you need to do is weigh the beans. Think of making a speed controlled auger feeder that dumps beans into a weighing pan. You should be able to get it within a few beans of the desired mass. Now you just have to find a weight sensor :slight_smile:

i would try to hack a cheap letter scale. usually they go up to two kilo. you can find some with serial out, although they might not be that cheap. you could build one by yourself with a spring and some kind of rotary encoder or similar.