Solid State Relay - 1amp output rating model?

Hi All,

Anyone know of a SSR that has the following characteristics.

Input Voltage: 1v to 5v
Input Amps: 2mA to 5mA

Output Voltage: 2 to 5 voltages
Output Voltage: 1 to 2 amps (2watts to 5 watts)

Mount Type: PCB
Pins: 4 Pin
Size: smallest possible

Any ideas/thoughts also appreciated, hopefully got the terminology right!

Cheers, nic

SSR is for AC only! For switching DC you simply take a (logic level) MOSFET.

I thought I've seen a few DC SSR available? Tried a mostfet, how-ever this doesnt work for me as they need common ground across batteries in series.

Here is one that does DC, but its massive and super expensive :frowning:

Ive used the below one here before as a test, but I would like 1-2amps on the output;

I checked several SSR DC-DC offers and found only one that honestly claims to work with DC output and I/O isolation. Also check the data sheet for circuit isolation voltage.

Right, DC output and I/O isolation requires a special circuit at low demand. 30$ seems to be a reasonable price.

cool thanks for the info;

Just stubmled across this one, could you have a look at the below for me, this might work if I am reading it right;

Link to SSR:



Try again and add an optocoupler for isolation.

Amazing! :slight_smile:

Take the lowest output voltage range for lowest ON resistance!

yeah ok, I am thinking the below;

Model: G3VM-41AY1 (standard type)
Output Voltage: 40V (max)
Output Current: 2000mA (max continuous)

These optocouplers look interesting, and they seem allot more cost effective. Cannot find one that handles more than 100mA on the Output/Collector side :frowning:

It can be used for isolation only, the current still has to be handled by a power MOSFET.

ohhh ok that makes sense! thanks for your help, will try those SSRs then given I can do it in a single component and I'm trying keep things minimal to a degree..

I have box of SSRs. About 1/3 are DC. The rest are AC. The DC units are simply a MOSFET driven by a transistor to keep the logic right side up. All came from a commercial reflow oven. All are plug-in design.

How many are isolated?

Only the AC!

How do you mean isolated only for the AC ones? I mean if its not isolated does that defy the point of an SSR being contactless witching betweem Input and Putput through an LED?

So just confirming, will this work for my requirements: Model: G3VM-41AY1

I'm confused :confused:

The DC SSRs that I have share a ground for both input and output. Simple MOSFET driven by a transistor. The AC SSRs have separate connections for the LED and the AC side.

See my #8. The linked info states
5000Vrms dielectric strength between Input and Output

I don't understand why @Paul_KD7HB talks about his grab bag :frowning:

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