Solorbotics L298 Motor Driver Kit - Driver exist?

I have looked around, but have not yet found a simple, straightfwd, sketch for driving:2 motors, variable speed, either direction, from the L298 Motor Driver kit. If anyone HAS such a sketch, could you post it? If none exist, I'll have to write one... just want to avoid re-inventing the wheel :)

Anyone want to chime in with helpful bits on PWM... I am kinda a babe-in-the-woods on this subject... at the moment :)

Have you searched the old forum for L298?

Searched = yes Success = no

working on doing it on my own I THINK that if I keep the E pins sep, instead of binding them as shown in all the schematics, I can send a different PWN signal to each motor...


I’ve got a couple of L298 chips, but haven’t tinkered with them yet. I’ve looked at the logic and for PWM control of a motor and I will probably try controlling both the input pins and the enable pin at the same time. Might have to feed the enable pin via diodes for isolation. Should be able to do simple testing without connecting the arduino.