Solution: Arduino IDE can't open library on MacOS

Hey guys,

I just had an issue with Arduino on my new Macbook with Big sur 11.
When I tried to build a sketch it shows the message:

loading libs from /Users/user/Documents/Arduino/libraries: reading dir /Users/user/Documents/Arduino/libraries: open /Users/user/Documents/Arduino/libraries: operation not permitted

Error compiling for board Arduino

Solution is: give Arduino IDE Full Disk Access:

System Preferences->Security & Privacy->"Privacy" tab->Full Disk Access->+ plus button to add Arduino

I searched in this forum but was not able to find a proper solution, also the same issues is descriped:

the solution came from some other workaround of the thread Topic: micro error
Unfortunally I was not able to add the solution to one of these threads because they are older, so I add this new one.