Solution for short pin value changes due reset and on/off Arduino Micro

Hi Everyone!

Need your help!

There are 4 pulse mode devices which should properly work with Arduino Micro.
Devices are very stupid and has no any configuration. one pulse between 5-65 ms and it take a command.

Got a problem when I restart or turn on my Arduino Micro.

I get junk command to my pulse devices just Immediately after reset or turn it on. (Arduino).

All PinModes installed proper so I think it is some boot load pin check which switch pins before IDE program loads.

I have no ideas how to solve this in soft way. Some friends suggest hardware solution to make trimer before loading…

Any ideas to solve this first boot contact bounce in a time matter? 1-3 seconds will enough.

Many thanks for any help!

same topic for the reason “installation solution”:
sorry for double. really need to solve it quick.

Let's see your code.

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