[SOLVED] Adafruit GPS breakout board works with Uno but not Leonardo

I recently bought an Adafruit v3 GPS breakout board from Adafruit and soldered the headers onto it. I can wire it up and get a signal from the GPS unit and run the "Parsing" sketch - the one that is found with the Adafruit_GPS library - with a very accurate reading. The GPS unit acquires the fix by itself - the trick is getting useful information from the Arduino to the serial monitor.

The problem I am having is when I wire it up to my Leonardo. Here is the output of the "Parsing" sketch:

Time: 0:0:0.0 Date: 0/0/200 Fix: 0 quality: 0

When I use my Uno, I get actual information from the GPS breakout (the time and GPPGA/GPGRMC data's, etc.).

I did make sure to select the correct Board and Port in the Arduino IDE when I switched the boards. I also made sure I was using the "leo_parsing" sketch vs the normal "parsing" sketch that is used with the Uno.

I've also tried using both 3.3V and 5V on the Leonardo and I have switched through all the Baud Rates to see if there was a difference. I found that the Leonardo doesn't really care what Baud Rate it is at (the lowest ones did not work that well, but the rest of the baud rates worked in displaying the blank information).

Does anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong?

Did you move the serial connections to Pin 0 and Pin 1 (Serial1) on the Leonardo instead of Pin 2 and Pin 3 (SoftwareSerial(2,3)) on the UNO?

So, I had the Rx in pin 2 and Tx in pin 3, but I just switched it over upon your suggestion to pin 0 for Rx and pin 1 for Tx and I'm still getting the same result (zeros for time/date/fix/quality)..... I can see that the GPS antenna has a fix, I just can't get this Leonardo to show me any data!

I also tried pin 7 and 8 for Rx/Tx (because the code allows you to comment out some code and reprogram wire the arduino/gps board for this....

UPDATE: it turns out that using the software serial and using pins7/8 worked! im still waiting for a fix but im getting the time and date as well some GPGGA/GPRMC data being spit out.. heres what it looks like so far (no fix yet, but keeping fingers crossed)..

ime: 3:45:4.304 Date: 10/8/2014 Fix: 0 quality: 0 $PGTOP,11,2*6E $GPGGA,034505.302,,,,,0,0,,,M,,M,,*4E $GPRMC,034505.302,V,,,,,0.00,0.00,100814,,,N*47 $PGTOP,11,2*6E $GPGGA,034506.302,,,,,0,0,,,M,,M,,*4D $GPRMC,034506.302,V,,,,,0.00,0.00,100814,,,N*44

Although, I think that date is incorrect.....

lets see where it goes!


IT turns out I have a fix and I'm tracking 6-7 satellites now..!

*Solution for the gps breakout board wiring with Lenardo

SoftwareSerial RX,TX (3, 2), it doesnt work for the Lenardo. how ever the gps shield’s RX,TX pins are programmed to pin# 8&7 so this works perfectly, make the gps breakout “rx” pin to "7"and “tx” pin to “8”.