[SOLVED] Any way to specify the required IDE version for Boards Manager install?

I just added Boards Manager install support for HoodLoader2 v2.0.5. This version requires Arduino IDE 1.6.6 and the author asked me if there is any way to specify the required IDE version. I don't see any way to do this with the toolsDepencies system but maybe there is something I've overlooked?

If there is currently no way to do this I've been asked to submit a feature request for this functionality. My idea is to add a new field to the JSON file that specifies the range of compatible IDE versions and if the current IDE version isn't in that range then Boards Manager installation is disabled with a note of which IDE version is required and a link to the Arduino download page. Any input on how you would like to see this implemented?

No, not as yet (through lib manager). You can use #error to notify in code of an incompatible version, and what version to use.

I use C++11 for some features in my PrintEx lib, I've just disabled these in code until 1.6.6.

You can check the define ARDUINO is greater than, or equal to 10606

Thanks! That's a good idea for how to handle the issue.

The preprocessor directive solution was accepted. The code:

#if ARDUINO < 10606
#error HoodLoader2 requires Arduino IDE 1.6.6 or greater. Please update your IDE or use a previous version of HoodLoader2.

was added to variants/HoodLoader2/pins_arduino.h.