[Solved] Arduino Create no entry! Please Help Me!!!!

Currently I am unable to access the Web editor under create.arduino.cc.

When I click the Arduino Web Editor tile I get to the login page and enter my credentials.
After that I see a turning circle saying "Loading Arduino Create..." for a while.
I am then forwarded to Arduino Cloud saying "Welcome to the Arduino Web Editor, Before you can start using the Arduino Web Editor we need you to provide us with some informations, and accept the following Terms & Condition:"

I fill in the form, scroll down the text, click on "AGREE" and nothing happens.

Error Log

"data": null,
"status": -1,
"config": {
"method": "GET",
"transformRequest": [
"transformResponse": [
"url": "//api2.arduino.cc/devices/swagger.json",
"headers": {
"Accept": "application/json, text/plain, /",
"Authorization": "Bearer oPzIG2ovCLqnvwThO2V1w1XWgGnwSjE-b-Qcq-Zbut8.0GFWnLIu2pj8zm5pXyV_OvMcjc1orNCWIJAlGNnCx9c"
"statusText": ""

I have the same problem. Re-installing does not work. I have been using the Arduino Web Editor successfully for quite some time on my Chromebook and now it all of a sudden starts to circle between "redeem" and "editor". I have a paid subscription.

It looks like the servers are back up if you could clear your caches and try again.

Full access here.