(Solved) Arduino Data Logging to data base

I am working on a project that records user inputs on a keypad and fuel meter pulses from a meter. locks and unlocks the fuel pump as programmed and when it senses the pump is shut off it writes the data to a newly created file on an SD card. Username, machine ID, total hours, and total fuel amount. everything works perfect but I want the data to be accessible in a local network each file separately and be able to mark each file as read when read. Any suggestions? I have tried with ethernet shield, was thinking about MySQL but I don't understand that at all.

Thanks in advance.

Any suggestions?

Quit stalling. Get going.

I have tried with ethernet shield

Tried what?

was thinking about MySQL but I don’t understand that at all.

Storing data in a relational database makes sense. Storing files does not.

What, exactly, do you want to store?

OK, I want the file to have 5 fields. #1 User name #2 machine ID number #3tottal Hours #4Hours machine gained since last refuel #5 total fuel amount in liters. Just to be clear all this is functioning there is a keypad for user input, a flow meter for fuel liters, a file to store each machine’s hours and calculate the gained hours. I will try to attach a photo of how the file looks the way I am making it now. My problem is getting it online on a webpage in the local network. Where a user can then read each file and mark them as read as they are read.

My problem is getting it online on a webpage in the local network.

A web page is a stream of data that gets rendered by a browser. Is is not something that "in" the local network.

Does each transaction get recorded in a separate file?

What does marking the file as read mean?

It would appear to me that each transaction should result in a new row in the database (by making a GET request to a PHP script that can write to a MySQL database), and that you want a separate PHP script to return a web page, showing database contents for some time period, maybe.

I can't see the purpose of marking the record as read, but, if you do, then add a another column to the table, present the data to the user with a series of check boxes. Each time one is checked, mark the row in the database as having been read.

Yes, each transaction gets recorded in a separate file.

Marking the file as read means so that the guy at the order desk doesn't make two (2) invoices for the same rental.

P.S. this system would be for a small rental company.

Yes, I understand HTTP file transferring principles and basic HTML coding. With the ethernet shield, I had a code displaying the text file on a web page. But you see I want to be able to put as you suggested a checkmark beside a file or to move each file to a (Marked as read) folder when read.

Why is an Arduino even needed?
Read from the keypad and the fuel meter and write a "real" program on a PC to do what you want to do.

Good thinking... But.

First I don't know how to code a "real" program. And second, this device will be out by the fuel tanks removed from easy access. I had been thinking of a Raspberry Pi based something but I also don't know how to make a program for Raspberry Pi. The reason for choosing Arduino is because I am quite familiar with the code by now and it's extremely cheap to build. I have designed and assembled all of the required circuit boards already. An Arduino Mega with an ethernet shield is the hardware I currently have.

Hi everyone.
I am happy to announce I have the data logging project solved. And maybe a little bit unfortunately, without any help from this forum. I have a Mega and an ethernet/SD shield and no external database. Everything gets stored on the SD and is hosted from there. There are, view new files, view read files and a move new files to read files button on an HTML web page. The Arduino then checks the GET commands from the client when buttons are pressed and if it matches the link in the comparator it carries out a command, such as copy past files or displays requested files in an iFrame. I thank you all heartily for your kind responses and to the not so kind responses.

Just a friendly note, PaulS, please think twice before replying in a scrutinizing manner such as your first reply to my post. I have been reading these forums a lot and I have seen countless of those unfriendly snaps.

Thank you heartily for your help.

Hey Edgar,

Glad you were able to solve your data logging project. Do you mind sharing your final code?