[solved] Arduino IDE 1.6.10 is OK

I have updated the IDE and platforms and totally broke my environment.

Now i install everything from scratch.

I can't find entries in the "username\Appdata\blah blah "

only in the program files\arduino.

I'm looking to use the CMSIS library for the Arduino Due arm Cortex-m3. How should install the lib now?

Uninstall 1.6.10 - it is a disaster.

You will need to enable viewing of hidden files and folders in order to see the AppData folder. Once you have that visible, delete the C:\users(username)\AppData\Local\Arduino15 folder (where username is your username)

Then reinstall 1.6.9, and things should work normally again, and you can install the library the same way you did before.

Don't ever update board definitions or IDE version without checking first on forums for people complaining about them. The arduino developers have an awful record with pushing out bad releases.

Thanks, much appreciated.

You are right i got seriously burned this time.

I am not aware of the issues of 1.6.10? Anyway because i had to reinstall Atmel Studio 7, cant i stay with version 1.6.10? I seems to work for my case.

I made the hidden folder visible, and yes i can see the arduino entry now, and in there i can find again the CMSIS folder.

Isn't possible to make this work with the 1.6.10 IDE? I had great time playing with saturated arithmetic and low level sines and then suddenly i had this accident. I lost all my nerve and strength.

SOLVED!! Everything is cool!