[solved] Arduino IDE is not working anymore

Hello everybody.

I´m using Arduino on Windows 7 64bit home prem. for a long time without any problems. But suddenly the IDE-start with its splashscreen takes about 1 minute. And when the IDE-window finally shows up, it keeps freezing for about a minute everytine I open a menu.

I have an older Arduino-Version (0.22) which behaves the same.

I did a reinstall of Java, I renamed the java-folder which comes with Arduino. Also I downloaded Arduino 1.0 again. Nothing helped. Does someone have a clue what is going wrong with my Arduino IDE?

Thanks a lot and best regards,


See this topic from the troubleshooting guide:


Thank you. It was my onboard Bluetooth device. Disabled it ant now it works fine again.

Oh and sorry for not reading the "read before posting"-stuff before posting. Now I look like an idiot and I deserve it... :blush: