[SOLVED] Arduino IDE visual bug

Hey there,

I’m having some problems with my arduino IDE

When i start it up or when i’m working on a project everything goes just as it is supposed to go but as soon as i’m going through the dropdown items in the toolstrip my arduino IDE just bugs completely in a visual way, everything disappears and the dropdown boxes from the toolstrip keeps showing on my screen, it is quite annoying. Everytime this happens i have to close down the IDE and reopen it to get rid of this bug.

could someone possible help me with this?

here is a screenshot before the bug:

and this happens when i go through the dropdown items:

So, recently i have installed 1.6.1 too see if the visual bug would go away but i still have this weird behavements from the IDE, the only thing i don't get is why it only happens as soon as I use the drop down menu's and not when i'm programming. Also why this bug isn't limited to the drop down items just showing on the screen but completely messing up the programming enviroment, even the serial monitor just gets messed up...

anyone experiencing this or does anyone know a solution, i've reinstalled the arduino IDE several times and i've checked if all my drivers still were up to date but I'm having this bug from day one :|

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Can you try the IDE from here? https://github.com/arduino/Arduino/pull/2783

It's a nightly build (upcoming 1.6.2) that should fix these graphical glitches

Sorry for the late reply but thank you very much it helped, my screen ain't bugging anymore when i move through the toolstrip! :D

Keep up the great work you guys put into this :D

Good to know! Thank you very much!