[SOLVED] Arduino Lilypad USB Atmega32u4 - bootloader or not?


I searched the internet about using Arduino USB Lilypad Atmega32u4 (my board is a compatible one).

Not clear: does it need boodload or not?

Thank you very much!

It does need a bootloader for you to do a standard upload over the USB connection, but your board should come with a bootloader pre-installed. That is, unless you made it from scratch with a chip fresh from the factory, in which case you would need to burn the bootloader using an ISP programmer.


Thank you! Now I understand.

You're welcome. I'm glad if I was able to be of assistance. Enjoy!

I dont remember: do I have to close this thread myself, or a moderator does it automatically?

There is no thread closure. It just sits here for people of the future to read. Some people go back and edit the original post to put the word "Solved" at the beginning of the subject line.