[solved]Arduino Mega 2560 to be connected with multiple speed controllers


367661-DEC-Module-24-2-Operating-Instructions-En.pdf (452 KB)


Speed Controller_SC1801.PDF (101 KB)

The "motherboards" are evaluation boards, to find out about the capabilities of the controllers in general. They are not intended for any application, that's the Arduino role.

First of all, get the power connections right. The Uno 5V on-board regulator or USB should not be used for a step-up regulator, instead use an external supply for higher voltages.

Read the data sheets for the type (in/out, analog/digital) of the controller pins.

Start with one controller and make it work, before connecting further controllers.

Well, I didn’t specify the application. Arduino is intended for controlling a prosthetic hand prototype. It is just for the project, nothing to deal with production and commercial variants.