[solved] arduino micro auto-reset fort update


I made a custom board with an atmega32u4, and burnt the arduino micro bootloader in it
When I want to upload some code, I need to manualy reset the board in order to achieve update
How can I have it working without manual reseting? the board won't be accessible once in the final product


Found out
For the records:
The atmega32u4 default boot address is 0x0000. The defaults fuses setings make it boot to bootloader only if a hardware reset is detected
For booting into the bootloader after a software reset (e.g the opening and the closing of a serial connection at 1200 baud rate done by avrdude), I programmed the fuse bit BOOTRST and changed the bootloader to stop checking what caused the reset.
Maybe only the BOOTRST programming was necessary, but now i'm sure I will go into bootloader everytime I reset the board ( including power on reset )

Hope it will help someone one day

Thanks, can be useful.

I'm using Leonardo and I find it one of the beauties that a power cycle immediately runs the 'user' code and not the boot loader (no waiting).