[SOLVED] Arduino Nano clone - SODIAL - can't find drivers.

I bought an Arduino Nano through Amazon recently and, when I connected it up, the driver install failed.

The Device Manager entry (Windows 7) was a failed USB-terminal device.

Some searching on Amazon found a solution.

The SODIAL iteration of the Arduino Nano uses a different USB-to-Serial device from the one specified, and therefore needs a different driver, available from the manufacturer.

For information, zacray found the driver first on a Chinese language website:
The driver is at http://www.wch.cn/downloads.php?name=pro&proid=5
or Google ‘arduino ch340 fix’

OR - use the attached file (it’s the copy I downloaded)

Please remember to virus scan your downloads before running installation programs

The driver, once installed, will allow you to change the settings and COM Port number from Device Manager.

Other than this one problem, the device seems to work exactly as specified.

SODIAL_Nano_Driver_CH341SER.ZIP (141 KB)