[SOLVED] Arduino on a breadboard - Programming (Not in sync)

SOLUTION: Use Upload using programmer instead of Upload!


I set up an "Arduino on a breadboard" as described in this tutorial.

I'm using an ATmega328P, this is my setup.

I would like to use the USB programmer for programming the µcontroller.
Burning a bootloader works (Uno, Nano, Duemilanove, ...) and the LED starts to blink afterwards.

When trying to upload an arduino sketch it says "not in sync".

Did you select the right programmer from the IDE? What programmer are you using? Not in sync means that the IDE is unable to communicate with the Arduino at all... it could mean anything from the Arduino not having power, bad ISP selected, bad ISP (burnt chip), bad wiring and a whole load of other things. I'd suggest going through the wiring again and testing for loose connections first.

I successfully installed the bootloader and the blink sketch worked so it is wired correctly, has power and the usb programmer works.

I selected USBasp as programmer, which also worked for the bootloader.

What are your fuse settings?

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When trying to upload an arduino sketch it says "not in sync".

Confirm that you are using the "Upload using programmer" option, instead of plain "Upload", in the IDE?

That solved it. Thank you!