[SOLVED] Arduino Yun: Sending email via gmail SMTP over WiFi


Here another newbie question. I'm trying to send an email from the Arduino Yun.

I have found this topic http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?PHPSESSID=krdoa3f14k6t8672fui0n1fqs1&topic=195776.msg1445861#msg1445861 and the website it refers to http://www.marksanborn.net/linux/send-mail-postfix-through-gmails-smtp-on-a-ubuntu-lts-server/

I do not understand how to install the correct items to make it work. Whenever I try the install I get the error '/bin/ash: sudo: not found'

Could somebody please direct me to some reading material on how to, or give me some advice to shove me in the right direction please?

Friendly greetings Rens

You don't have to use sudo when installing somthing on you Yun.

You use opkg like this:

opkg update opkg install ssmtp

in the file:


I have ammended this and uncommented the rest


If you need to install other packages, you will get an error message telling you what is missing

Thanks for the quick responce Erni.
Still no go, but is seems the Arduino does not get any connection to the Internet…

So I just restarted the Arduino cold boot… Walk trough the entire config and Wifi is back to life.
Tested the SendAnEmail with Temboo example and it runs.

Now I’m installing via your commands.
That works as well, up to the modification of ssmtp.conf…

How am I going to modify this file?
With vi I can open it.
I can insert lines.
But how do I save the file?
Via the serial connection I do not seem to be able to send an escape command…

When you say "serial connection" I assume you mean the serial monitor in the arduino IDE, which is clumsy for a terminal session. You can use any of several other programs that make this smoother. On windows many use PuTTY, on Linux I use picocom in a terminal window. You use the same serial device as the IDE shows for the Yun COMx in windows, /dev/ttyACMx in Linux.

With any of these, to send escape, you press the Escape key.

noblepepper: Use PuTTY

Ahhhhh. That works a LOT smoother. And now all the garbage in for instance a 'ls -all' turns in all the usual pretty colors. :)

Okay... Thanks... On my way again. Everything is working fine now. :)