[SOLVED] Arduino Yun + XBee Adapter + XBee

Hey guys,

I have recently begun trying to use the Xbee to transmit data back and forth between Arduinos. I want to use Arduino Yun's for the built in SD Card feature. However, I have hit a problem. My Yun doesn't seem to want to work correctly with the XBee. I have it set up exactly like the picture on here (except with a Yun and Uno).

I then set up another XBee exactly the same on an Arduino Uno for control testing purposes. I programmed them both like here. The Uno works great for sending and receiving. The Yun on the the other hand is having trouble. It is able to receive data, but not able to send it at all.

I believe I read that the Yun uses it's TX and RX ports to communicate with the Linux Kernel inside of it. Could that be interfering with the Xbee communication?

Any ideas as to what is going on and how to fix it?
Tyler Petresky

EDIT: Also, I noticed something strange. The Yun isn't even able to display a print() to Serial.

Yun is like a leonardo. Look for xbee + leonardo guidance and you should be able to find your way through.

Fantastic! You were right! I found that I simply need to use ports 8 and 9 because the normal 2 and 3 doesn't support change interrupts.

Thank you.