[SOLVED] ATmega328 on BreadBoard Bootloader Question

CrossRoads: Never tried. The original seemed like a kludge; it has been replaced with better programs, yet the original is still out there confusig things. I have a Duemilanove with pins added to the X3 connector that I used for bit-banging bootloaders. That was slow, and a little cumbersome, so I moved on. I now have at least 4 other ISPs. Started with this one http://www.mdfly.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=5&products_id=415 and used it for a long time. Next I got an Atmel MKii when I was having trouble getting 1284s to program (turned out to be bootloader/IDE mismatch speed, since resolved). I now use the MKii exclusively - the MDFLY is buried somewhere, had never even tried the others (had planned to, hasn't worked out timewise yet) and occasionally plug on an FTDI Basic to show a serial port is working.

Somewhere along the line picked up an adafruit programmer with some other stuff someone was dumping, then a pocket pirate, and I think other too, maybe from nkcelectronics, unless that's the sparkfun pocketpirate.

Bob, I have no doubt that soon you will be able to burn a bootloader into a blank AVR using just a battery and a morse code key. ;)


and a ZIF socket ...