[Solved]ATMEGA328P-AU with arms22's softmodem library not work?

I have made a project that use arms22's softmodem library on a breadboard which using ATMEGA328P-PU and all works fine. But i change the mcu to ATMEGA328P-AU (with boot loader) and i found that just the softmodem library seem to can't be work.

I use the USBASP to burn boot loader and use "upload using Programmer" to upload my code. The board i choose "Arduino Pro or Arduino Pro mini (5V,16MHz) w/ATMEGA328". And i had check the "show verbose oupout during:upload" in Preference and i got no errors after i had upload.

And i test the Arduino Pro Mini which with ATMEGA328P-AU and it work. I had no idea what's the problem.

Any help appreciated.

arms22's SoftModem Library (Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting. )
The version i use: SoftModem-005.zip
Crystal i use:16MHz


Upload Blink and see if that works - this will confirm your atmega is actually running

My project had add the IR send and Receive functions. And i had add blink the led after reveice any IR Signal and it work. I also had upload the Blink example to my ATMEGA328-AU and work fine.

I don't know why just softmodem not work on ATMEGA328P-AU but work with ATMEGA328-PU. If arduino Pro mini can work that mean it shall also work on ATMEGA328P-AU standalone , isn't it?


Finally i had found the problem. Because i use the TQFP32 adapter already connect the 8Mhz Crystal for ISP but i put another 16Mhz crystal on my breadboard. So i remove the 8Mhz crystal from adapter and it finally work.

Thanks spycatcher2k for you reply that make me to be sure the ATMEGA328P-AU should be work. So i can change another way to test. Thanks again.