[SOLVED]Bare Conductive Touch Board - SD card write access

Hi everybody! I am a newbie here.
I have Bare Coductive Touch Board and there is an SD Card included. I would like to write some sensor data to it, but I can not find the way to access it. I tried to use the SD library and also SdFat but couldn't get any result. So I am wondering if it is possible to do it.


I haven't found any info neither in forums nor in tutorials of the Bare Conductive. I was searching for 2 days... But suddenly (after I wrote here) I've managed to solve it reading the technical Data Sheet of the board. The problem was the pin of the SD card I was using, actually it is pin 5. So now I am able to access the card. May be it can help someone else in the same problem.
Spycatcher, thank you for your availability!