[Solved] Board selection for sketch not saved

When starting the web editor, my board gets found and it states that it is connected.
In the drop down menu, only the port is displayed. My connected board which I connected with the sketch is not displayed.
Starting "Upload and save" does not work and hangs the "build". Busy button does not react. Selecting the board first makes it work.
So either you should force a board selection or save the previously selected and connected board with the sketch.

OS: OSX 10.11.5
Browser: Safari 9.1.1
Driver: ArduinoCreateAgent 1.1

Could you tell us what board you are using? For testing purposes it would be really helpful if you could use official boards :slight_smile:

Any screenshot, screencast and output would be really helpful to understand what is exactly going on.
Thanks for you feedback!

Sorry, I currently have only an official Yun which is in use for my espresso machine. So no chance for a genuine board except you sent my one :slight_smile:


  • Connect the board with the Mac

  • Start the web editor using the Plugin with "Go to Arduino Create" and then clicking "Arduino Web Editor"

  • Looks like this:

  • No board name, like Nano, only port info shown:

  • Clicking on "Upload and save" starts with "Verifying" but does nothing and hangs the build. No upload is done and the editor stays looking like this:

Have you already fixed this?
As of now, 16:49 CET, I see "Board at cu.wchusbserial14130 as Arduino Nano" in the board drop down menu!

This has been fixed now!