[Solved] Broke my arduino duo r3 within hours of ownership :(

Sup arduino boards

I bought an arduino duo yesterday and was looking forward to playing around with it.

I did the blink led, arduino worked fine.

I had bought some ATMEGA328P-PU and wanted to use the arduino as an ISP, that's where things started going wrong.

Probably the arduino didnt like me taking the chip out a few times. I uploaded this atmega chip detector to try to identify the chip I was trying to flash with the atmega board config with 8mhz internal clock, but it never worked right.

Eventually my arduino broke. Classic errors:

avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

The L led is on permanently, and pressing the reset button doesn't make that LED go off.

According to the internet, it's broken. However my computer still detectcs it as a usb to serial bridge. Is there anything I can use this for or should I just throw it in the trash by now?

Troubleshoot it.
Are the 5V and 3V3 still good?
It seems like the FTDI/comms IC is still OK.
You can't/shouldn't pull/place the microcontroller with the Arduino powered.
If you put it in backward that'd biff it.
It's probably OK, but you need a bootloaded 328 or an ICSP programmer to bootload it with.

Thanks for the suggestions

Yep the voltages are working.

I definitely did not move the chip with the power on, and was always careful to place it the right way around.

I have 3 atmega328p-pu chips with the arduino bootloader. all 3 of them show this behaviour. perhaps all 3 are corrupted?

is there any test i can do with the board without a chip? or any use for the board without a chip?

Did you accidentally fold-under/bend a pin on insertion? Fyi I personally never advise people to use the
arduino as an isp... especially someone new. Really, just invest in a decent programmer, like usbtinyisp.

Guys, I'm almost ashamed to post this.

Runaway Pancake had it. The chip was the wrong way around.

I borrowed a friend's arduino to reflash mine and noticed the chips were inversed on mine. That's when the facepalm moment happened.

Arduino is working again!

Guys, I'm almost ashamed

Don't be it helps others!

Paint a white dot near Pin 1 of the controller chip.
Paint a white dot near pin 1 on the socket.

The last thing you did is where you should start.