(solved) Broken Connection On Transistor Next To Power Input (UNO)

Although I have had my Arduino for quite a long time, I still haven't done much with it at all but today after looking at this(http://yourduino.com/Photos/ArduinoUno-CU-1024.jpg) photo of a standard arduino UNO I realized that on my arduino, there is a missing connection on what I believe to be a transistor, the one next to the power input as highlighted by this (http://i.imgur.com/dPDZr.jpg) photo. There is simply no connection at all soldered on.

This hasn't caused me any problems so far, but still, I would prefer if I fixed this. What problems could this lead to? Is it worth me just trying to put some solder on? (I have no soldering experience!)

Thanks in advance, ell.

Okay, so there is no problem? Thank you :) Do I need to mark this question as [solved] or delete it or anything?