[SOLVED] BUG REPORT only 1st page of threads showing

well done so far

you might have noticed that not all the posts in a thread have been migrated those that I have looked at seem to have only the first page or so

cheers Mike

please post one example for us to put our hands onto this,

thanks for your help


ok try http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,40482.0.html it's a thread from the old days (aka previous forum) Software.Interfacing used to run to about 3 or 4 pages as I recall



I know you're busy fixing important stauff wondered if there was any progress with this?


I'm glad to inform that (while trying to figure out how to solve another bug :)), i found the reason why some threads shows only the first page.

Now, the 18750 cutted threads are fixed!

Excellent cheers Mike