[SOLVED]can i find this chip ?

a perfect match for what i need is a "IDT7M1001" dual port sram of 128kb or higher that is in a DIP package (the idt7m1001 has 64pins) . though it's like the chip disappeared , i cant find it anywhere . (it did exist at some point in time) can i find this chip ? or any chip that does the same thing ? or can i find an old machine or something that i can collect and that contains the "IDT7M1001"

Probably legacy now - however the datasheet I found said 1995 and its a MILSPEC multi-chip ceramic module, so someone somewhere will have stock I suspect, but I doubt for sale (for support of existing products).

thank you very much Mark, hmm can the chip be used in a circuit of some product ? to be collected ? . or can i find a similar chip ? what do you think Mark

There's no way to find out what products normally - your best bet is to ring up the manufacturer and hope they find the time to be helpful. Assuming they still exist.

i did communicate with them , the still do have the chip but no longer produce it , though only provide in large quantities , i need to pay around 1000 dollars for this so i dont think that would be possible

You could program a pro mini as a dual port RAM controller. ;)

thank you aarg :) , i don't think that would be possible though , i need 128kbs a fast response time and a parallel protocol of communication , the chip i need has 64 pins. though i did find an SMD alternative for 70dollars (expensive!) though i need DIP , cant figure how to manage that

thank you aarg :slight_smile: , i don’t think that would be possible though , i need 128kbs a fast response time and a parallel protocol of the communication , the chip i need has 64 pins

Yeah, I should have added that it would just be the glue logic. You would also need RAM, bus buffers and an address multiplexer. As far as speed goes, it would be slower. A better solution would be an ASIC.

thank you very much Aarg :)

on Ebay for US$99

thank you very much aarg . though here is what i found to , the IDT7009 is an other chip that is active and available and that does the same thing but .. its in a tqfp100 package 14mm*14mm for 70dollars . a tqfp100 to dip100 costs 15dollars total would be 85dollars , though would this be worth it ? and how am i supposed to solder a chip so small (i think i can get someone to do it though). that chip 99dollars , after delivery it would be 130dollars for me ... what do you think aarg

It's not that TQFP is that hard to solder (using drag soldering technique) - it's that you're soldering a $70 chip, so you better not screw up.

I'm seeing TQFP100 breakout's for under $2/each on ebay - unless you need some weird form factor for the output (the ones I see cheap are square, with pins around the perimeter - if you need 2 lines of pins instead, those look less abundant). I'd buy some of those, and the cheapest TQFP100 chips you can find, and do some practice runs to get the hang of drag soldering.


Digikey carries 128k x 8 dual port SRAM, here's one example http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/70V09L20PFI/800-2605-ND/2009974

If digikey carries it, www.proto-advantage.com can order it and mount it on a breakout adapter for you.

IDT7M1001 is a multichip module, 8 SRAMs and 2 '138 1 of 8 decoders. http://datasheet.eeworld.com.cn/pdf/IDT/129616_IDT7M1001.pdf

Its connections are shown in the datasheet. Worse case, you buy the 10 needed chips and make up your own circuit, will just be larger than the 10-die module. http://www.digikey.com/product-search/en?pv149=53&FV=fff40027%2Cfff80434&k=sram&mnonly=0&newproducts=0&ColumnSort=0&page=1&stock=1&quantity=0&ptm=0&fid=0&pageSize=25

thank you alot DrAzzy :) .

thank you very much CrossRoads i don't think wiring the full 10 component circuit would be the best thing to do , soldering the surface mount chip to the adapter might be though :)