[solved] CAN Network with MCP2515 & MCP2551 wiring problem

Hi Guys,

I want to build a DIY CAN network. I know there are lots of CAN shields for the Arduino but if I want to make a large network these shields are way to expensive. I’ve found the shield from Seeestudio with schematics and a CAN library. I think I build my circuit like the schematics but it’s just not working. The sending side gives a “can init ok!!” on the serial monitor but the receiving side is not showing anything in the monitor.

I’ve attached a fritzing diagram to show you the exact layout of my breadboard. I know most of you like a real schematic but I used the one from Seeedstudio.
Also attached are the schematics from Seeedstudio, the sending & receiving sketch and the datasheet from the MCP2551. The datasheet of the MCP2515 can be found here.

The LED’s on the breadboard:

  • Sending side: both Rx & Tx CAN are lit continuesly. The INT LED doesn’t light up.
  • Receiving side: only the Rx CAN LED is lit continuesly.

Any thoughts on the layout?

CAN-BUS_Shield_v0.9b.pdf (57.4 KB)

MCP2551 datasheet.pdf (344 KB)

send.ino (808 Bytes)

receive.ino (1.38 KB)

Any thoughts on the layout?

LOL forgot the 120 ohm termination resistors..

LOL forgot the 120 ohm termination resistors..

Hi, I am planning on ordering these components myself and try it out in my car.
Did the termination resistors solve the problem?

Edit: Okey, saw this one now: [solved]

What is the value of the blue capacitors and the crystal, please?

What is the value of the blue capacitors and the crystal, please?

I do not have fritzing on this PC so I cannot see what I used exactly. I believe I used the values out the original schematics from seeedduino. The schematic can be found there and it shows the capacitors are 22pF and the crystal 16MHz. If you want to dubble check before ordering the crystal I recommend that you read the datasheet of the MCP2515.

CAN-BUS_Shield_v1.2.pdf (32.9 KB)

What is the version program of Fritzing where mcp2515 is attached? I dont found it.