[Solved] Cannot Import File into Sketch

I am trying to import .png files into my sketch using Web Editor. I am following the instructions in the tutorial as quoted below.

"open the ‘layout.png ’ and ‘schematic.png ’ tab. These illustrations will show you how to put together your electronics. When you are working on your own projects, you can add your own documentation images by clicking on the last tab of the code area and choosing ‘Import File into Sketch ’."

This works fine for the current session. However when I logoff the Web Editor and then logon the source files cannot be found.

Hi @Discoverer,
can you please share the link of your sketch?

Hello and thanks,

herewith is the link. I have the same problem irrespective of which sketch I try to include additional .png files with.

Might I suggest you DELETE those pictures.

Then re-size them to be considerably smaller and then bring them back in.
I suspect they might be too large for the editor to properly handle.

Thank you for the suggestion. I reduced one of the /png files from 55KB to 25KB using PAINT. However the source file still cannot be found.

The source file is located on my C drive. Is it perhaps an issue with security/firewall access to my PC?

I don't think that's the issue.

During testing with CREATE it was found that large pics tended to slow down or even stop an instance of CREATE working.

Clearly that issue has not yet been fixed but I will raise it again on Monday when the team is back.
Can you delete the picture tabs at all to leave just the sketch ?

If you have the source file as a ZIP then delete the pics from the ZIP
Delete the sketch from CREATE and re-upload with out the pics.
That would test if it is indeed the pics that are the issue.

Many thanks for your help. I have found the issue. I was naming the files using WORDS with SPACES between. eg SD Card Reader. However if I change the file name to SD_Card_Reader then it works. I can now LOGOFF and the LOGON again to the Adruino Web Editor and it works OK.

I have not tested large files. Certainly a 102KB .png file is no problem.

We have been looking into this issue, updates in the next few days :slight_smile:

Ok thanks

well I am ok with using no spaces for the file naming. I definitely use the SHARE capability and I like to keep all info associated with the project within the CREATE environment ... thanks

We added a better handling for this case, thanks for your report