(Solved) Cant find port for mac to upload to arduino

I know there are tons of resources to help me, but I have tried multiple and still cannot upload code to my arduino nano. Once in a while across multiple months, only my bluetooth port would show up for ports when uploading to the arduino(obviously I cant use this one). I dont really know what I am doing however... When I look at my mac system information under the USB tab, it only shows USB 3.0 Bluetooth USB Host Controller under the device tree. I tried to install new FTDI drivers but to no avail. My arduino is genuine and not a copy either. After tinkering, I am not allowed to find the port that I use to be able to upload to my arduino on (the wchusbserial 1410)

Any ideas? Thanks for the help

Fortunately, I switched arduino's and for some reason, it worked.. I must have broken the other Arduino nano during the process. Thanks for the help.

Thanks for taking the time to provide an update. I'm glad to see that you have one working Nano at least.

In case you are still interested in getting the other Nano working, I'll say a few things:

Were you using the same USB cable for both the working and the non-working Nanos?

Make sure the USB is fully inserted into the Nano and the computer's USB ports.

Disconnect any external wiring or shield from the Nano and see if the problem still occurs.

Make sure the Nano is not sitting on top of any conductive objects that might cause shorts between the contacts on the bottom of the Nano.