[Solved]Can't program Arduino Pro Mini

I am out of wisdom here. I can't manage to upload to a Arduino Pro Mini (clone).

Some key points:

• Sketch is just 'blink'
• Tried with Win 7-64 and Ubuntu 14.04 (64)
• IDE is 1.0.5 (on both)
• Arduino Nano programs with no problem (on both)
• Via FTDI or via Nano as FTDI 'server' fails with getsync() error
• Tried with 3 Pro Mini

One Pro Mini might be bad due to 12V contact, but the others are brand new.

In case the FTDI is bad, then using the Nano should work or? It can be programmed and I use the same board. Is there anything else I can try?

Last option would be of course to use the Nano in the project.


It works now, I used the method in the last image on this link: http://arduino.cc/en/Guide/ArduinoMini

Take an Uno
Take out the µP IC
Connect the one pin from the IC socket

Not sure why, but it works.

Perhaps your USB to serial converter has issues.