[Solved] Chrome App Purchase Problems

The purchase process stops with: "We are currently unable to process your order but will do so as soon as possible. Please check the status later again. If desired, you can cancel this purchase before we process it." Even rollback in not working. Endless process loop. Can confirm anyone?

Hi @gressling,

I suspect this is an issue on the Chrome Web store side, and we'll have to wait for Google to resolve the problem. Are you purchasing from a Google Account that is part of Google Apps for Education (GAFE)?

It's the first time we've heard of this happening, our customers have not had issues purchasing in the past.

Would be great to get some screenshots if this is still happening.

… still persists. See screenshot. No invoice or mail from google …

Could you please try to purchase from the US store: Arduino Create - Chrome Web Store

No change, still blocked. Any hint in a log ... ? Wich module creates the pop-up? Google store?

The Chrome Web store side (by Google) is displaying the pop up.

Only other suggestion I can think of for now is to create a new @gmail.com Google ID to see if that works with that.

What type of Google ID are you using now, is it tied to an education institution or business? Please also let us know what version of Chrome OS you are using (chrome://version).

Today - 29th Jan - so six days after the problem I received a Email from Google Payments:

"Ihre Bestellung wurde storniert – Guten Tag, Die Bestellung von xxxxx wurde storniert. Der Betrag wird Ihnen nicht in Rechnung gestellt.
Chrome Web Store
22. Januar 2018 17:53:29 UTC
Artikel Menge Preis
Arduino Create
Arduino Create Chrome app."


“Your order has been canceled - Hello, The order of xxxxx was canceled. The amount will not be charged.”

I again started purchase - now it works!!

Have you done anything, has anyone removed this dead lock??

We haven't done anything, this is all on Chrome Web Store's hands. Glad they fixed it!