[Solved] Compilation failed on very first web editor try


This is the first everything with my Arduino Nano. During last 3 hours I followed Getting Started instructions to install drivers, plugins and some, opened Example Basic>Blink, but when tried to upload to board got three messages telling there was some “temporary problem” and finally the message “Compilation failed. Please report this issue on our Forum”. This was about 11:30PM local time (GMT-3) of May 23rd.

I am pretty sure to have done something wrong, but can’t tell when nor where. Attached print screen.

My system is an old Intel Celeron M @ 1.5GHz, with 1.5GB RAM, running Windows XP Home Edition 2002 SP3.

I call it a day due to advanced hours and keep an eye in my inbox looking forward to your help.

XP will not fully support the ONLINE ide.

I ran some tests a few weeks ago that confirmed this.

The minimum spec for the ONLINE ide is windows 7 and upwards AFAIK.

The regular desktop IDE however does still work on XP but you might be better with the 1.6.5 version rather than the newest as I know that will work on XP.

Sorry about that. I don't think supporting an obsolete operating system is on the CREATE EDITOR roadmap.

Thanks for taking out blame on me! I moved to a newer laptop and, sure enough, after a little setup my Nano did blinked its LED!

Also tried some changes and managed to clear uploaded program. Great projects on sight!

Glad you are having fun.