SOLVED - Compile error RFID required_cpp11 Raspberry with Raspbian and Arduino

I’ve downloaded Raspbian Stretch (full) and started working with the Arduino included (2.x…)

When trying to use RFID with MFRC522.h and SPI.h it started to give compilation error because some libraries/files (*cpp11) where not found.

Not only the compiler was not the required, but also it was having problems finding the libraries (RFID).

After googling a lot, installing gcc 4.8 manually and many tests, finally I figured out that all help pages I found were talking about this error already fixed in versions 1.6.x of Arduino. But I was having the 2.x running on my Raspbian, how can that be possible?

At the very end I deinstall my out-of-the-box Arduino IDE 2.x and installed Arduino again from the official page (Linux for ARM 32 bits) and follow its install instructions (

Now it works like a charm. No *cpp11 errors any more. The same sketch compiles (with some errors but exactly the same I have on Windows, but only warnings) and run completely ok since the first try.