SOLVED: Connecting a mega to a winstar RGB LCD ( WH1602B-CFH-JT - HD44780 )

I could use some help figuring out how to wire this thing up.

It's a Winstar WH1602B-CFH-JT using the HD44780 chipset.

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I've seen several wiring setups for the WH1602B but they all have 16 pins, this thing has 18. The last 4 are ARGB but I have no idea how to wire that, and how to make it work with the HD44780 library. Any help would be INCREDIBLY appreciated, I'm relatively new to all of this... thanks everyone!!

It looks just like any other character mode LCD except for the backlight so start out by getting that part to work.

The backlight information is on pages 20 and 21 of your datasheet. Basically there are three backlight LEDs instead of one and it looks like the current limiting resistors are built-in. Connect +5 volts to pin 15 and then ground any combination of pins 16, 17, and 18 to get the desired backlight color.

After you get it functioning you can tinker with digital control (PWM) using the transistors shown on page 21 and probably come up with all kinds of neat effects.

The other 14 pins are for the LCD controller. It looks quite normal so just use the 'Hello, World' example with the LiquidCrystal library for starters. Here:


That looks interesting as I thought the only RGB displays were those Adafruit ones where they state they had then made specially.

Usually the last two pins are A and K for the backlight Anode and Cathode. In this case you have A R G B, Anode, Red Cathode, Green Cathode, Blue Cathode.

I might go and see if I can get a couple of those shipped to the UK. :-)

Thanks flor! Worked like a charm.