[Solved] Controlling a 9 Volt Motor Via Transistor

I am modifying a VEXplorer robot with my friend and we are trying to control the 9 volt motors via the arduino and a transistor. I have been scouring the internet for how to do this but am having trouble. I am using a 1K ohm resistor to connect the base to the digital pin so no need to tell me to add a resistor there! If there is a resistor I need to place somewhere else please inform me. Also, I have tried putting the motor both after the emitter and before the collector in the circuit but no place in the circuit seems to work. I am a bit unsure what to wire where. If someone could please explain to me how to properly wire this to make it work I would much appreciate it. Thank you!

Assuming you have an NPN transistor (you don't say what it is), this will might help.

I tried using that tutorial but to no avail. I am using an NPN transistor. This one to be exact:

I tried the tutorial but to no avail. When I supply the 9 volts the transistor heats up weather a base voltage is applied or not. I have tried this on multiple new resistors to make sure I am not just using burned out resistors. Any other ideas?

EDIT: I tried the same circuit using an LED and it worked! I think I am not getting the desired voltage I want across the load though. I think I saw this before in one of the posts I checked out. I saw I am doing something called a high-side switch and was informed I need to make a low-side switch. Is this correct?

I got the circuit to work! I am not 100% on the theory behind it, but apparently not using as much resistance on the base helped (none at all did the trick although that is probably not good for the transistor!).