[SOLVED] CTE TFT with font ic, what size are the fonts please?

Hi all,

I wonder if anyone with a CTE 5" or 7" would mind or could possibly give me the dimensions(pixels) of these fonts please?
If I had one of these, I would not need to ask, in the meantime, someone surely could help me out please?


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Hi Graham,

I have a 7" TFT with a Winbond 25Q64BVSIG SPI flash memory installed.

from the demo code of 'CTE_70inch_800x480.ino', the following fragment can be found;

//Font selection
//BVS= Bitstream vera sans, suffix = font size in pixel (height)
#define BVS_13 10
#define BVS_15 12
#define BVS_19 14
#define BVS_22 18
#define BVS_28 22
#define BVS_34 28
#define BVS_43 38
#define BVS_52 53
#define BVS_74 78
#define BVS_112 122

As for the width, I do not know if it is the same as the height without flashing if the display.
Hope this helps for now.

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Further to my post below, I have just found and flashed up my unit.

//BVS= Bitstream vera sans, suffix = font size in pixel (height)
#define BVS_34 28

The BVS is a proportional font.
For the above example, the visible part of a capital T is 21 pixels high and 18 pixels wide. A Capital W would be wider.

So the pixel width varies.

I hope this helps some more.

Hi Graham,

The last W would not be vertically aligned.
I have attached to photographs for you.
Of course, you can use fonts drawn by the Arduino, but there may a speed penalty by not using the on-board font IC.

I use TFT displays, Only one of my displays has a font IC on it. It is quicker to write text using the font IC.
It would depend on your requirement.

See attached pics.

please give content (backup) spi flash, which is on display. I accidentally erased it

Dear Graham,

A suggestion is to look at the UTFT.cpp & UTFT.h library files ("modified by coldtears electronics to suite CTE TFT Modules") as the code reveals the method of reading and applying each character width when writing to the LCD. Although I have not decoded the font ic data, my understanding is that for each font size or height, the individual character has some header bytes describing the width of that character.

I hope this helps.