[SOLVED] Custom combined RSS feeds

EDIT: [SOLVED] - In my excitement of RSS I neglected to search the forum before I posted - apologies.

I just discovered RSS feeds...man where have I been the last 10 years? :astonished:

Anyhow, a thought just crossed my mind when I saw some feed updates being in German, not that I have anything against Germans, I just can't speak or read the language yet, nor any of the other languages for that matter except English and my mother tongue being Afrikaans.

So the thought crossed my mind about RSS feeds for each category (ADVrider.com does this). I love feeds cause its much lighter on data usage and I only open the thread updates that interest me. And being that each RSS feed will be for each category, that way I can eliminate the threads of other languages I don't understand yet...will be learning French soon I hope.

Another thought that crossed my mind is if its possible to create a custom RSS feed which will download feeds from the categories you choose...which will then be somewhat like clicking on the "unread posts" link on the website - only its one combined RSS feed.

Just a thought, shoot me don't shoot me....just a thought now that I am looking for more feeds to subscribe to :fearful:

My gear is on its way...can't hardly wait :grin:

You can generate individual feeds for the different boards on this forum so you can exclude the international forums - have a search for RSS.

I posted on this subject too:

Here’s the solution I personally adopt, which works for me in Google Reader.

I used 5 of those 6 feed links you posted Ian, thanks. Works well for me.

I used 5 of those 6 feed links you posted Ian, thanks. Works well for me.

Same here :slight_smile: