Using MKR 1010 WiFi as an Access Point with fixed IP for easy connection from a mobile app.

The mobile app is distributed with a preset of the SSID and IP address of the MKR so it can connect without user inputs.

I don’t know enough about networking but it looks like a fixed IP involves a risk for a collision with the phone’s IP.

Using WiFiNINA, i couldn’t find a reference for DHCP host and I am not sure about using some old libraries I found online.

Thanks for any idea!

Hi @ninora,

In Access Point mode the ESP32 has a fixed IP address and runs a DHCP server. If the phone respects the DHCP lease given, there should be no chance of a collision.

Are you having issues?

No issues apart for the one here, my concern came from lack of information, I had no idea of the existence of the DHCP. Thanks!