[solved] Does anyone know this attiny85 board? (nearly a digispark kickstarter)

It’s called Digispark-Kickstarter-USB-Attiny85-Pluggable-Development-Board and consists of a board with 8pin socket, a separate attiny85, a micro-usb jack, some electronics and 42 + 31 holes.

Connecting it to a USB port results in a USB device, which is not recognized (Device Descriptor Request Failed) and thus does not allow for a driver to update.

Does anyone know this thing, which I guess has an empty attiny85 and first needs something basic to be uploaded to make it talk USB and eventually behave like a real digispark.

I got an usbasp programmer or could use an Arduino as ISP, but first wanted to get feedback:

Thanks for reading, and even more for hints and help :wink:

Making these boards from 'scratch' is very easy:

Make a Trinket

Trinket ===> DigiSpark

I modified an Adafruit ZIF shield go also ISP the tiny85


If it is a true "Digispark USB Development Board" clone then it needs special USB drivers for the "micronucleus tiny85 bootloader" to allow programming. Did you install these drivers and/or the core needed as outlined here.

Did you install these drivers and/or the core needed as outlined here.

I saw this page as well. Driver install did not work, as the attiny did not react on USB (thus would not provide any vendor ID)

Yes, I feasr I have to install that micronucleus bootloader the classic way, first. I have the choice to pull the tiny out of its socket, or find out which header pin is what.

Thanks for not leaving me alone ;)

I bought on of those a couple of weeks ago, but it was just the bare board. I burned the micronucleus bootloader to it, but my mac wouldn't recognize it. It didn't even show up in the system profiler list..

If you have access to an HV programmer, you can restore the protection fuse and convert the DigiSpark to a Trinket ... yes yoh lose that 3rd PWM pin but yoh get Reset back!

What may be a little known fact, most of the libraries for DigiSpark will work on the trinket with little or no changes.


It was an empty default attiny85. I put it on a breadboard, connected my usbasp and verified with avrdude for correct signature and fuses. ( usbasp could talk to it when wired properly ;) )

Downloaded https://github.com/micronucleus and ran make in the firmware subfolder. make flashand make fusesagain installed the bootloader.

After that, it was easy to install the usb driver for an unknown device in Windows 8 ( "trust it anyway" ) Now the digistump instructions applied. And it nicely works with Arduino IDE.

Got a digispark now ! Even with an onboard led at Pin 1 ;)

Hi michael_x.

I have just come across your post from some time ago. I have found myself in the same position and as a newbie, struggling to resolve the problem. Would you please be able to provide me with a step by step guide how you resolved your problem.

Many thanks

I am having the same problem here, a step by step tutorial would be nice!

michael_x thanks for nothing.Can u write some more detailed instructions?

michael_x thanks for nothing.Can u write some more detailed instructions?

You’re complaining about a three and half year old post.