[solved] due extended SPI problem


I discovered a problem with the extended SPI library:

Using more than one begin(CS) of the three predefined pins (4, 10, 52),
completely stopps any SPI communication.
If end(CS) is used before an other begin(CS) with a different pin it works.

Not sure if this is the intended use?
I thought they can be used in parallel, as shown in the extended SPI reference.

IDE: nightly build for mac downloaded 23.sept


I’m looking into this, thanks for the bug report.


maybe I’ve found a regression, may you check if replacing


in you arduino installation, with the one attached to this post solves your issue?

SPI.cpp (3.82 KB)

SPI_Class.h (1.85 KB)

Hi Christian,

yep :slight_smile: this solves the problem (saleae & hameg & me proved)

thanks for the fast response and fix !

kudos & gracie

And also pushed for 1.5.5:

hope this is the last bug in SPI class. :expressionless:

Thank you!