[SOLVED] EAGLE question: can I reconnect a net to another net

Here is my question:

I draw up a net (say Net1). I then connect it to a net D2. I later decide I want to use D3 instead. I check on the wires on the original Net1 and all of them are connected to D2. Is there a simple way to draw a net, connect it to say D2 and then easily connect it to D3? Thanks.

Using the NAME and LABEL commands could really simplify your schematic connection process and it makes it really easy to change a whole group of nets and connect it to another pin of an IC for example, look here for more info about EAGLE commands.


Thanks. But does renaming a wire combine the old net with the new? I'll give it a test.

Yes, renaming a wire connects the nets. You can rename a single segment, or all segments of the net.

OK I guess I was too cautious then. When I select a segment that is on the D3 net and try to name it D4, I always saw message such as "connecting D3 to D4?" and I back away thinking that I would connect these two nets together and make a mess. Today I got over my fear and tested the rename only this segment and it worked. They should have really say something different, like "disconnecting the current segment FROM D3 and reconnecting it to D4?".

Thanks guys!

The Eagle messages can be a bit confusing, but what's to fear? Just back up the files before you make the change so you can revery back if you mess it up.

Or use CTRL-Z to undo changes.